A Rock Made for Sitting


Within a contemporary context, where does the impulse to mythologise emanate from?

If it is to fill the space left by the loss of other experiences and cultural expressions, how does this impulse manifest — what does it add, and conversely, what might it erode?

Let’s assume the large Old Gods of the past are gone, vanished, turned to dust. In their absence, what smaller New Gods might slip through and take their place? How many are there? How might they appear to us? What would they sound like? If we visited these New Gods in the Temple, if we sought them out in the cool darkness, what would we want to ask them, and would they even let us speak?

So sit down, on this rock, for it’s not really a rock at all. You are inside the Temple.

Gouache, muslin, foam, ply

Exhibited at Royal College of Art ‘Work in Progress’ 2015


Conversing in the Temple
Winnie Herbstein
Benji Cluness
Luca George
Rosie Scott
Karina Baillie

Edited by William Aiken

Four Beginnings: Parts I – IV
Phoebe Amis
Sam Bellacosa

Introductions to the Gods
Jasper Fitzgerald
Jessica Copsey
Joshua Hill
Daniela Corda

© Oona Brown 2015


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Rock - Georgia